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Harry Potter (with spoilers) - maisedoat
Harry Potter (with spoilers)

I got it with kids on Friday night and read it over night (I never could leave a new book unread) and over all, I liked it.  I'm a bit pissed off about the deaths, but *someone* had to die, it was a war after all.  Should make one hell of a film too, especially the bits in Gringotts and the final battle - should also be a bugger to explain the more esoteric bits too but we shall see.

Unfortunately, I read the most complicated bits at the end when I was most tired, so I shall have to go back and read 'em again to get them all straight.

P made me laugh at the bookshop.  Went outside reading his copy and yelled "Good grief, Snape's really a woman!".

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